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All you need to know about medical translation

Challenges of medical translation

Medical translation belongs to the category of technical-scientific translation: a sector that is both essential and delicate in the sense that the translator must possess skills and specific knowledge in order to retain the specialized terminology and offer clients a service of impeccable quality. Our network of translators allows us to provide optimal services in a number of domains: all fields of medicine and surgery, clinical diagnostics, health statistics, veterinary medicine, and the medical industry.

The medical sector is one of particular delicacy and details are a critical and constant concern. Poor quality translation services may cause serious mistakes that can lead to legal proceedings or even put lives at risk. Expert linguists in medical and pharmaceutical translation must demonstrate the following skills:

  • an advanced knowledge of medicine, pharmacy and related technical
  • a total command of the source language;
  • excellent technical and editorial qualities;
  • adherence to the code of ethics.

The translator commits to respecting the utter secrecy of the files entrusted to them by signing a confidentiality agreement.

Certified translation in Quebec: best practices

In Quebec, only certified translators are authorized by the state to produce official translations. When a person takes an oath, they are making a solemn promise in front of a commissioner, who administers the oath. A translation, on the other hand, is certified as faithful to the original. Because it is not a person, a translation is clearly unable to administer an oath or be sworn in.  Once sealed, initialled, and dated by the translator, this type of translation is officially recognized by the authorities.

Types of medical documents:

  • Medical files
  • Medical supplies
  • Medical insurance documents
  • Informed consent forms
  • Hospital discharge documents
  • Scientific publications
  • Medical reports
  • Hospital reports
  • Regulations and legislation
  • Reports of clinical studies
  • Clinical protocols
  • Clinical studies
  • Proceedings
  • Reports
  • Scientific research
  • Results of tests and analysis

We offer this service in all these languages:

German translation
English translation (Canada, United-States, United Kingdom)
Arabic translation
Spanish translation (latin America, Europe)
French translation (Canada, Europe)
Dutch translation
Italian translation
Polish translation
Portuguese translation (America, Europe)
Romanian translation
Russian translation
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